Features of AutoStandByPro (Continued)

  • Reachable devices on the network
    According whether a given device is reachable or not through the network
  • Http Get/Post Requests
    According to the result of an Http Get or Post request from another application/system.
  • Power Requests
    According whether an application is making a Power Request (System, Display or Away Mode).
  • Based on Date/Time
    Either at a specific date/time or after a given period of time.
Wake Up Computer

Additionally AutoStandByPro provides the capability to wake up your computer from a sleep state based on different date/time user defined schedules. The schedules can be based either on a number of hours, days or weeks days.

Supported Sleep States

Another feature that AutoStandByPro has is the ability to detect the different Supported Sleep States of a computer and give to the user the option to either enable, configure or disable those states.

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