Features of AutoStandByPro

AutoStandByPro is designed to be simple and intuitive but at the same time be able to retain a fair amount of features that can help users to efficiently control the power management features of their computers.

Those features include the ability to automatically execute actions like Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, Hibernate, Prevent Sleep/Hibernation, Prevent Display Sleep, Lock the Computer, Log Off Users or even User Defined Actions.

The above actions can be triggered using a combination of different conditions such as:

  • Based on User Input, Mouse or Keyboard activity
    When the computer is inactive according to either Mouse, Keyboard or User Input for a specified period of time.
  • Based on User/System process or Windows Service
    When a process or service is either running or it is stopped.
  • Computer Display
    When the computer display has either entered or resumed from a sleep state.
  • Based on CPU, Disk, Network, Download or Upload Activity
    According whether a CPU, Disk, Network, Download or Upload activity value is below or over a certain threshold for a specific period of time.
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