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Version 2.00 Released

August 5th, 2015

A major upgraded version of AutoStandByPro has just been released. Many new features and improvements have been added on version 2.00. Some of the new features and improvements include:

  • Support of an unlimited number of Profiles (A Profile is a set of rules).
  • Simple Profile Wizard from building profiles in simple steps.
  • Switch between profiles in real-time.
  • Batch management of rules (Merge, Delete, Enable, Disable etc).
  • Trigger for only Mouse and Keyboard.
  • Trigger for Download and Upload activity.
  • Add the ability to detect KBs, MBs, GBs, KBits, MBits, GBits additionally to % in Computer Activity trigger.
  • Trigger for detecting if a machine is reachable or not through the network.
  • Added the Action "Prevent Display Sleep" in order to keep the display from entering a lower power state.
  • Some UI improvements and many bug fixes.

Existing users of AutoStandByPro can upgrade for free. You can download it here.

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